Women of Color in the Workplace: Building a Career

Women of Color in the Workplace: Building a Career

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

FEBRUARY 18, 2016

This interactive panel discussion will feature women of color from our community, with a range of experiences and voices. Building on our previous panel last August, these women will share their stories and talk about what it means to be a woman of color in the workplace. What steps can you take to build a strong foundation for your career? How do you find and work with a mentor? Is there anything special to consider when interviewing for positions? How do you face barriers or overcome biases? How can our community support women of color? What does it take to lead fearlessly? This open and honest discussion will foster dialogue and bring women (and men) together.

Panalists include:

  • Sonia Dalmia, Economics Professor, GVSU
  •  Mary Hartfield, Program Manager, GROW
  •   Mindy Ysasi, Executive Director, The SOURCE
  •   Jeanessa Fenderson, Branch Manager, Grand Rapids Public Library (moderator)


Main Library

111 Library Street NE | 49503



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