JOHN SHEA TRIO SCHEDULE (Jan. 31st-Feb. 3rd):

JOHN SHEA TRIO SCHEDULE(Jan. 31st-Feb. 3rd):
Friday: JW Marriott @ 7-10pm.
Saturday: Noto’s @ 7-10pm.
Monday: The Republic @ 8-11pm.
JOHN SHEA TRIO SCHEDULE(Jan. 31st-Feb. 3rd):
Friday: JW Marriott @ 7-10pm.
Saturday: Noto's @ 7-10pm.
Monday: The Republic @ 8-11pm.

Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection, on display at GRAM, opening February 2nd.


Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection
February 2, 2014 – April 27, 2014

This exhibition traces significant styles and ideas that have shaped art since the 1960s—abstraction, conceptualism, postmodernism, new approaches to photography, and explorations of personal identity and narrative. Drawn from Emily Fisher Landau’s spectacular donation of modern and contemporary art to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The collection “features works of art by some of the most important, groundbreaking, gamechanging American artists—Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger—and features in-depth presentations by Ed Ruscha, Richard Artschwager, and Jasper Johns, highlighting works spanning their entire careers.



First Fridays @ LINC

Join in what promises to be an amazing night! Join LINC and Bl²end Business Leaders Linked to Encourage New Directions, kick back, listen to poetry and smooth jazz! LINC First Fridays is the only place in the city to get this unique mix of networking and entertainment—don’t miss it, February 7th!

341 Hall Street SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan


TIP$, a brand new musical

TIP$ w jar, musical, waiting (no quarter)

TIP$, a brand new musical written and directed by Grand Rapids locals Ian Mockerman and Julia Yob, is a down to earth, expletive-filled comedy about every day people working for tips (in food service, that is!). TIP$ showcases the oddly familiar group of characters who work food service – the gruff and sarcastic cook, the waitress who’s sick of waiting, the charmingly awkward kiosk vendor, and the all-knowing bartender who makes sure everything gets wrapped up before you can say “last call.” This musical comedy shows one day in the life of food service workers as they sing their way through thirteen original songs, dealing with the universal problems of love, acceptance, where they’re going, and the sometimes horrifying realization that they may never get there. The show is suitable for any crowd that doesn’t mind foul language and some inappropriate behavior (we are working in a kitchen, after all!). Tickets are $12/adults and $8/students & seniors

Dog Story Theater

7 Jefferson Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Jan. 30 & 31  at 8 pm- “TIP$” – Original Musical Comedy 

An Evening with Heywood Banks & The Bimini Brothers


An Evening with Heywood Banks & The Bimini Brothers- Award winning musical comedy. You’ve heard him on Bob & Tom. Big Butter Jesus – Toast – Looking at the World Through Flies Eyes – Many more! The Bimini Brothers will also perform.

8:00 p.m.

Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill- 760 Butterworth, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504